Prague’s illustration festival LUSTR

17. – 22. 09. 2020, Prague 1, Czech Republic

During the previous six years of its existence, the Festival Lustr has built a position of the biggest illustration showcase in the Czech Republic. It presents both domestic and foreign illustration work on a regular basis every year. Apart from the annual showcase taking place in Prague city centre every autumn, there is the Lustr On Tour bringing work of young Czech illustrators to all over the world – last year e. g. to Brussels or Moscow.

This year, the festival is coming up with a completely new conception of the exhibition part that allows more careful curatorial work and better mutual connection of topics of the exhibited artworks. The showcase will consist of three parts called 100 Years of Devětsil – Czech Modern Avant-garde Now, The Manifesto 2020 and of a free showcase of young artists without any unifying topic. For this time, this third part will be open only to artists who have not exhibited their work at Lustr yet.

OPENCALL for 2020 is closed!