Alžběta Zemanová

Alžběta Zemanová

Alžběta Zemanová is the author of this year’s festive visual of the LUSTR festival!

Alžběta Zemanová graduated from the Illustration and Graphics Studio at UMPRUM in Prague, where she also taught until recently. Together with Martina Kupsová, she forms the NaPOLI studio, where they create paper collages and cut-outs. Under her own mini brand AKA, she creates fabric toys and author’s books. Along with Klára Zahrádková, Jakub Plachý, and Zuzana Bramborová, she runs the Bookstore and Gallery Xao in Prague’s Vršovice. She has illustrated a number of successful books, primarily for young readers, and her author’s book ‘Joska Goes South’ was created thanks to the prestigious Miroslav Šašek Foundation scholarship. In 2022, she received one of the three Audience Awards at the LUSTR festival.

For this year’s LUSTR, she drew the visual and, together with Martina Kupsová from NaPOLI, also prepared her own exhibition dedicated to young visitors.


Exhibits within: LUSTR TALKS – Czech Illustrators and Comics Creators