17:00–20:00 26. september 2023

Mr. Cloud’s Holidays: Exhibition Illustrations Opening and Comic Book Launch

Centrum české dětské knihy, Vratislavova 74/7 128 00 Praha 2, Praha, https://www.ccdk.cz/
Czech, English

Join us for the exhibition opening of illustrations and the launch of the comic book “Mr. Cloud’s Holidays” by Romanian authors Maria and Ileana Surducan. Oh, what a cruel fate! Summer holidays have arrived, but for poor Mr. Cloud, it’s a complete disaster. Instead of allowing him to peacefully play on his computer, his parents take him to his grandparents’ house in a remote village. No computer and no console charger! Could anything be worse? Grandpa tends to clouds and wants to teach Mr. Cloud how to care for them. These delicate and fluffy clouds melt in the sun and don’t listen to him at all. Fortunately, Mr. Cloud meets Bodlinka, the guardian of thistles, and Laci, a winged knight. Together, they will face much greater dangers than any computer game, because in the forest, a real dragon lives!