Game Changer

HALL 17, Bubenské nábř. 306, Praha, Holešovická tržnice

The cultural platform Sport in Art connects the worlds of art and sports. It demonstrates that despite their differences, these two worlds can mutually inspire each other. The exhibition projects organized by SIA focus on sports themes and often directly relate to specific sporting events. As part of the LUSTR festival, we present works by young illustrators who have contributed their creations on the theme of “Game Changer.” The presentation celebrates contemporary Czech illustration and explores how sports influence and inspire artists and how art, in turn, captures the spirit and energy of sporting activities. It delves into the broader impact of sports on society, culture, and personal experiences and seeks answers to how the intersection of sports and art can continue to shape our culture and redefine what is considered normal.

The exhibition theme can be viewed from three perspectives. The first is the return of sports themes to the realm of art, where art inspired by sports becomes a common source of inspiration for artists once again. Currently, these two worlds are often seen as opposites, a perception that the Sport in Art platform aims to change. The second perspective is the concept of sports as a game changer. With sports comes a new way of life, bringing entirely new situations and self-perception. Personal achievements, which serve as a personal driving force and can change many things for an individual. Sports can be seen as a catalyst for personal growth. The third perspective looks at broader inspirations from significant moments in sports, culture, and society. The exhibition also examines the role of sports as a means of social change and addresses questions of identity and equality.

Exhibition Curators: Josefína Frýbová, Martina Fridrichová, Michaela Doležalová

Exhibitors: Lucie Doležalová, Barbora Idesová, Eva Jaroňová, Jitka Petrášková, Jana Jarošová, Anastasia Stročková, Vojtěch Šeda, Jan Šrámek

You can find the “Game Changer” exhibition in HALL 17

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