Postoj Gallery

Galerie Postoj, Náměstí Republiky (Palladium) – Nové Město, 110 00, Praha 1, Praha, Vestibul stanice metra B – Náměstí Republiky (Palladium)



September 21st – November 21st, 2023

Postoj Gallery, vestibule of Náměstí Republiky Metro Station

The metro vestibule, where art seemingly has no space. Early morning hours, hundreds of sleepy commuters, who prefer not to be seen or heard, and would rather get lost in the anonymous stream of people. Navigating swiftly, avoiding eye contact, and refraining from interaction. And then, out of nowhere, the question breaks the silence, “How are you?” Yes, I mean you, and I would genuinely like to know how you’re doing today. A phrase often used as conversational filler in our daily lives, here I use it intentionally, but I mean it with all its depth. I will be your book of praise and complaints. For your feelings, I have created a unique range of emoticons that should help you express how you feel in the current moment. You will receive a sticker from me that you can assign to the emotion that most accurately captures your state of mind at that moment. Following this initial phase, which will take place over approximately a week, sporadically throughout the day, there will be an opening, during which the results of this survey will be presented. Attendees of the opening will be able to learn how commuters felt in that particular space and time.

In short, this is how the art project of illustrator Patrik Antczak, presented by the Postoj Gallery, as part of the tenth edition of the illustration festival – LUSTR, can be described.

“When I received the offer to exhibit my works in the vestibule of the metro station at Náměstí Republiky (Postoj Gallery), I pondered what to present here. Does it even make sense to compel passersby to stop and take an interest in my works? I contemplated and was unsure. That’s when my wife, who is also the curator of the exhibition, told me that I should connect more with people. To be interested in how one feels in public space, without immediately inundating it with my creations, or subtly imposing my works on passersby. With this exhibition, I would like to give those passing through the opportunity to be part of this installation. And even though I know that not everyone feels like engaging in communication in the morning (especially with a stranger), I would be pleased if as many passersby as possible participate in this challenge. Who knows, perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised by people’s positive reactions!”

The aim of the exhibition is also to demonstrate that art does not always have to be confined within the walls of galleries and surrounded by often overly complicated accompanying texts explaining the exhibition’s principles. Instead, art can also be a part of everyday life and accessible to a truly broad audience.