LUSTR embarked on its exhibition tour in 2017, starting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has since continued its journey around the world. Following a successful showcase at the Czech Centre in Berlin, exhibitions were held in various cities. Subsequent exhibitions took place at the LokArt Gallery in Broumov, at the Czech House in Jerusalem, at the MORS Festival in Moscow, at the Ravenstein Gallery in Brussels, at the Czech Centre in Munich, at the Moving Station Gallery in Pilsen, at the Dobra vaga gallery in Ljubljana, and then once again at the Moving Station Gallery in Pilsen in 2022. Towards the end of the same year, two simultaneous LUSTR ON TOUR exhibitions took place, one as part of the Gran Salón Mexico festival in Mexico City, and the other in London at the Vitrínka Gallery. In spring 2023, in collaboration with the Czech Centres, we presented a selection of the most intriguing illustrators from the last LUSTR festival at the Jerusalem Cinematheque in Israel.

Dates and locations of LUSTR ON TOUR exhibitions:

15/10 –15/11/2017 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
22/02 –25/02/2018 – Vilnius, Lithuania
28/02 –03/04/2019 – Berlin, Germany
13/04 –27/04/2019 – Broumov, Czech Republic
04/07 –25/07/2019 – Jerusalem, Israel
04/10 –17/10/2019 – Moscow, Russia
31/10 –10/11/2019 – Brussels, Belgium
01/10 –20/11/2020 – Munich, Germany
15/06 –23/07/2021 – Pilsen, Czech Republic
09/10 –30/10/2021 – Ljubljana, Slovenia
23/05 –10/06/2022 – Pilsen, Czech Republic
11/11 –13/11/2022 – Mexico City, Mexico
23/06/2022–24/01/2023 – London, United Kingdom
15/3–30/4/2023 – Jerusalem, Israel

LUSTR ON TOUR is not just an exhibition project; it’s an adventure that connects creators with audiences from different corners of the world. It’s a journey filled with inspiration, mutual understanding, and exploration of the diversity of illustrative art and comics. In every city where LUSTR ON TOUR stops, a window opens to the world of creativity and imagination, touching the hearts and minds of people, regardless of linguistic or cultural barriers. This traveling exhibition invites us on an exceptional journey where illustration becomes a universal language that unites us all, no matter where we are on the planet.

LUSTR ON TOUR is made possible thanks to the financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Czech Centres, and the dedication of its organizers and exhibitors.